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Coffee, Cats, and Keyboards

3 thoughts on “Coffee, Cats, and Keyboards

  1. Michael Tyler has named you one of his five recipients of The Liebster Blog Award!

    Liebster means ‘beloved’ in German.

    The Liebster Blog Award was passed along to me with the following rules:

     Thank and link back to the giver of the award.
     List 5 blogs who you believe deserve the Liebster Award and have 200 or less followers. And let them know on their respective blogs.
     Copy and paste the award on your blog and share 7 random things about yourself.
     Hope that the people you’ve sent the award to forward it to their five favorite up-and-coming bloggers and keep it going. Enjoy the Love!

    Receiving the Liebster Award means your blog reaches out and touches the heart and souls of others. The 5 blogs you nominate should meet the same criteria.

    Here are my five. If you have more than 200—or even 2000—followers, forgive me, I just went with what I like.

    5 Blogs with 200 or less Followers:

    1. http://daphneshadows.wordpress.com –Corny as it may be to award this to the person who awarded it to you, it is a must. Daphne is a bundle of energy, always makes me smile or makes me think, and she can really write.
    2. http://notquiteold.wordpress.com –Another lady with solid writing skills who brightens my day. I learn a lot by reading her blogs. It’s hard for me to write a female POV, and she is SO feminine—it helps me get a handle on how to do this, or at least how to attempt it.
    3. http://broadsideblog.wordpress.com –Amazing. Thought provoking. The lady is a pro, and though I suspect she has a gazillion followers, I had to put her on my list of favorites. Her last piece—Etan Patz—brought tears to my eyes.
    4. https://georgettegraham.wordpress.com –Lots of well-written tips and stories, mostly related to writing. This lady juggles a lot and still manages to write a great blog to follow.
    5. http://mselene.wordpress.com –This young lady can write, and I am curious to watch where she goes with it.

    I received this prestigious award from:


    Daphne is an original. She always makes me smile, and what a nice thing to give someone. I’m pretty sure she might be one of the keys to the universe, like that Fifth Element gal…

    7 Random things about Yours Truly:

    1. I live in the country, and one of the things I like most about living in the country is being able to pee outside. In fact, even in the middle of the night, it’s not uncommon for me to go outside to share my water with precious Mother Earth and take a look around. It’s peaceful and it’s a security boost.
    2. I was once knocked unconscious by lightning that struck near me as I crossed the side of a hill during a storm in the middle of the night in Central America. I can still remember the metallic taste it left in my mouth.
    3. My mother’s family name is Trueblood. Quakers seeking refuge from religious persecution in England, The Truebloods settled in North Carolina in the 1600s. Around 1800, the clan split, with one group moving to Indiana after freeing their slaves, which was contrary to NC law at that time, and the other, smaller group remaining near the coast of North Carolina. The Indiana Truebloods, who eventually started family groups in Ohio, Illinois, and Iowa, took their freed slaves with them for fear they would be re-enslaved. Sadly, Truebloods fought Truebloods in the Civil War, with family members serving the Union (Indiana) and the Confederacy (North Carolina).
    4. I have a phobia: Palmetto Bugs. You know, those great big creepy fluttering damn creatures that love hot, humid climates? Acckkk! Guaranteed to make me scream girlishly and run for high ground.
    5. I love old Harleys. My current bike is a 1973 FLH, which is almost too new. I love this bike, which I named Hell Bitch, after Woodrow Call’s horse in Lonesome Dove. It is cranky. A pain. I am constantly having to tinker with it, which I have come to realize is one of the reasons I like old bikes. I need a bike I have to kick start. I need a bike I can cuss at when it’s obstinate. I need a bike without push buttons, computers, turn signals, horns, and rear shocks. I need obnoxious bikes. If a bike has a push-button starter, flashy paint, or a windshield, I have no interest. Yup.
    6. I did some pretty crazy stuff as a younger man, and did them better than most, with no apparent ill-effects. Now, as I close the gap between right now and my fiftieth birthday, I find that the scars left from my past exploits are closer to the surface. Depression has become an issue, something that is hard for me to admit, but I fight it as best I can. For some years, I sought refuge in a bottle, but booze only made things worse. So what to do? Continue the fight, of course. Quitting is never an option.
    7. I love music and sports, but have never been to a concert and have never attended a professional sporting event. Hmmmm.

    • I’m doing very well, thank you! And thanks for the nomination too! I appreciate it. I’ll need to do a post this week about both of these nominations, and find people to nominate myself. 🙂

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