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About Georgette

sweetroseI am Georgette Graham, a blogger, a writer, and a dreamer.

I’ve always loved stories, storytelling, and fiction. Even if no one ever read anything I wrote, even if I did not have hopes of being published and making income from my writing, I would still write. The worlds and characters and adventures in my imagination are very dear to me.

As early as elementary school, friends and teachers singled me out for my writing ability. In High School I excelled in English, and in college I had a double major in English and Theater. While getting my theater degree I also studied play writing.

I do have a day job. My day to day life is pleasant and fairly mundane. When I write, I try to make it a little less mundane.

I hope you enjoy this blog.

2 thoughts on “About Georgette

  1. I’ve been reading some of your things and I love your writing. I’m also a writer and have just started of in the blogging world. I’d love it if you could read something of mine and let me know what you thing. I loved some of the exercises you set yourself, like writing based on a particular situation i.e something is in the newspaper about someone you know, really interesting.

    • Thank you so much. My blog is pretty humble, so it’s nice to hear you say that. Thanks again.

      I’d be happy to look through your blog and add my voice to your comments. I’m following you too, so I’ll be around.

      Have a great day.

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